Spring 2014 Enrichment Classes

The next session of Parker-Anderson after-school enrichment classes are open for enrollment. Class begin week of April 1st. Sign-up today!

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Robot Building Workshop!

For Grades: K to 5 Begins: Tuesday Apr 01, 2014
Build some real robots that walk, clean, and race! In this class you build three different types of real Robots: the Smart Robot, the Brush Robot, and the Propeller Racer! They are fun, awesome, and a great learning experience! The BEST part is you get to take them home and keep them!

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Fine Art: Painting!

For Grades: K to 5 Begins: Wednesday Apr 02, 2014
We explore many different art media in this class. Using charcoal, art pencils, acrylics, watercolor, etching and more, we keep an eye on famous artists and their work. Your art dreams become real as you explore different painting styles, making the coolest art around….YOURS!

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For Grades: K to 5 Begins: Thursday Apr 03, 2014
MatheMagic combines the exciting skills of Magic with the brain-teasing aspects of Math to create an intellectual and entertaining activity that not only enhances students’ problem solving, logic, and lateral thinking skills, but also teaches them that Math can be fun!

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Iron Chef: Cooking Fun!

For Grades: K to 5 Begins: Monday Apr 07, 2014
In this scrumptious class, kids will tantalize their taste buds and have fun with food! Different recipes each week! Learn the math of measuring, nutrition, dining etiquette, and cooperation skills.

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