The Cheremoya Foundation’s Annual Giving campaign kicks off tomorrow at Back to School Night.

Annual Giving is Cheremoya’s biggest fundraising campaign of the year and helps pay for Art, Music, PE, Garden Ranger, technology, teacher technology training, improvements to the school’s buildings and more.

Please give generously. Thanks for your support!


Cheremoya Wildlands

Here is an example of the incredible changes and improvements happening at Cheremoya! THIS IS INCREDIBLE! If you don’t already know, the bungalow along the Beachwood side of the school is coming out. All utilities have been disconnected and everything has been moved out. In a few weeks that bungalow will be GONE! In its place we are going to build the Cheremoya Wildlands with the help and inspiration of EnrichLA and Sodder Studio. This is absolutely amazing for our kids and the school.

Please make your donation to the Cheremoya Foundation today so that we can support this project all the way to completion! We will get much of the labor donated but we will need to cover plants and materials.


Cheremoya Wildlands


Download Plans here —>   CheremoyaConcept