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Dino-Might FitnessFest 2018


I really hope you can sponsor me in Cheremoya’s Dino-Might FitnessFest. I’m taking part in a fitness challenge with my classmates on March 15th to raise funds that will ensure we keep our art, p.e., garden, technology and GATE programs at Cheremoya.  LAUSD does *not* fund these programs for our school. 

Thank you for helping my school!

Cheremoya’s Dino-Might FitnessFest

Dino-Might FitnessFest 2018DATE: March 15, 2018

Cheremoya’s Dino-Might FitnessFest is coming!

On Thursday, March 15, students, teachers and staff will come together for a day of music, fun, exercise and school spirit to help our school raise money to support Cheremoya’s art, p.e., garden, technology and GATE programs and help bring our librarian back full time!

We’re working together to raise money that goes towards giving very student the best school experience they deserve!

Earn your lucky ticket for cool prizes by turning in your sponsor sheet and money!
Due March 9th.

Dino-Might FitnessFest sponsor sheet [click to download and print]

ONLINE SPONSORSHIP http://cheremoyafoundation.org/fitnessfest

Sponsor forms and money are due by March 9th. Include students’s name and teacher when donating online!

All students will receive a free Dino-Might FitnessFest t-shirt on the day of the event.

Students with sponsors will receive lucky tickets for the prize drawing. Prizes for most money raised, for highest number of sponsors and participation! Many great prizes to be won!

Prizes will be drawn on March 16th at the Friday morning assembly.

We need volunteers to donate fresh cut up oranges, water and to cheer!!
Email: cheremoyafoundation@gmail.com