Everyday I’m Shuffling—How audiobooks on iPods are promoting literacy at Cheremoya!

Today was the beginning of the iPod Literacy Project, a pilot program designed and funded by the CF to assist struggling readers across grade levels at Cheremoya Elementary. 20 iPod Shuffles were purchased and initially loaded with the Hunger Games, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Stuart Little— and were packaged with a paper copy of the book and delivered to the school today.

Students identified by their teachers or by their test score data will receive an iPod Shuffle audiobook and a traditional copy of the corresponding book and read along with the audiobook, increasing their reading fluency and comprehension. These students will return the iPod and book and take a short quiz, and in return receive a small treat as further incentive to complete the book.

Teachers are excited about this, and so are we! Ms. Aldahl has a waiting list of students who want to take home The Hunger Games. We look forward to continuing to grow a love of great literature on this beautiful campus!

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