Help Cheremoya Win Playground Equipment

Please vote every day to help Cheremoya win $7,500 worth of Imagination Blocks for our playground! It’s free, takes 30 seconds and it’s for our kids! Use Cheremoya Elementary as the organization in the entry form. VOTE NOW! VOTE EVERYDAY!


Summer Mini-Makeover Announced

Summer Mini-Makeover Rally!

Thursday, JULY 31st thru Sunday, AUG 3rd

The 2014/15 school year begins August 12th with an incredible group of families (including a third Kinder class!). This annual event is a great way to make an early donation to Cheremoya Foundation, as well as work alongside good friends and neighbors at our cherished neighborhood elementary school.

Scope includes:
• paint, sanding and staining

• new classroom beautification and cleaning

• improved lighting installation


Weekday and weekend participation options — ALWAYS highly organized/scheduled (including good food).  ALWAYS FUN AND REWARDING.  Especially when the students return to find even greater TLC at Cheremoya from its community!


Wildlands Big Update

Huge update! New plans to share! New video!

Cheremoya parent and friend of the Cheremoya Foundation, RJ Robinson, helped me get a video going specifically for Wildlands fundraising. I’m not usually the one in front doing the talking, so this was a big leap for me. I’m shy. It’s true. RJ really helped me focus my passion around this project and hopefully this comes across to new supporters. Please share the video and any information I post here to like-minded folks who can help get the Wildlands built.

New Plans! I received the beautiful new plans from Ryan, the architect. Best news! The area is even larger than we originally had drawn out. The new plans reflect those dimensions and some additional details. The black top at the school has been sprayed painted to outline the demolition lines, making it even MORE of a reality.

I also have the planting list now. Take a look at the beautiful things we will be planting. The plant palette is 100% Southern California or Channel Island native plants… low water use, and all selected for bird, or bug habitat value. We have sages, poppies, oaks, ceanothus, toyons, currant berry, milkweed, wildflowers, and much much more! I can already hear the birds in the trees and see butterflies on the poppies! I’m so excited and want to get started NOW!

So now we wait for summer break to start. Once we get into the summer schedule and the school is empty, LAUSD will be able to get started on removing the black top. If we keep up this momentum, it should be in a month or so. With that in mind, please spread the word to your friends about the Cheremoya Wildlands. Any support is appreciated and will go right into this project this summer.

You can donate here on this page or use PAYPAL or send a check right to the Cheremoya Foundation (note WILDLANDS in the memo).

Thanks to all those who are already on board. I look forwarding to seeing you onsite when we break ground!