An open note celebrating HUNC

It has been a tremendous year of growth at Cheremoya Elementary School:

  • The Arts Program has expanded to include both dramatic and visual arts — great thanks to our partner Hollywood Arts Council!
  • The Phys Ed Program has been launched, to the enjoyment of every class, every week — great thanks to our partner Hollywood (Wilshire) YMCA!
  • Our Living Garden has been built (and growing), with classes participating in lessons each week — great thanks to our partner Enrich LA!
  • Our Phase 1 Makeover/Restoration Project (lower hallway) is complete — great thanks to incredible volunteers from parents, teachers, friends, Gay 4 Good and Northland Village Church!

In particular, Cheremoya Foundation wants to recognize Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC), for its ongoing, year-by-year, support of Cheremoya Elementary.

HUNC has also provided vital financial assistance to Cheremoya Foundation, which has allowed us to become who we are, and to reach even further in supporting every child at Cheremoya to reach their maximum potential.

Cheers to our dear friends at HUNC!

Cheremoya Elementary School Makeover thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


Volunteers on Saturday 26th - the work begins!

Volunteers on Saturday 26th – the work begins!

On January 26th and 27th over 100 people showed up to hammer, dig, tape, sand, build, paint and clean at Cheremoya Elementary School. It was the first phase of getting our amazing school in tip-top shape and add a garden program to enrich the campus and learning experience!

Cheremoya Elementary School Growing Food and Learning

Bridie-Macdonald-4292Cheremoya Elementary School now will have an edible garden. For any of you who have had the pleasure as a child of gardening, tending to plants and eating the vegetables and fruit that come from those plants you know the value of this. A very special thanks to Tomas O’Grady and his foundation Enrich LA (their mission: an edible garden and an orchard in every school) who designed, and worked out all of the details so that students now have edible garden beds, an outdoor kitchen and picnic tables to plant, grow and prepare food.

Looking refreshed and relaxed—Hollywood’s Elementary School weekend makeover!

Bridie-Macdonald-4274A special thank you as well to our interior designer, Sean Miller (Sean Miller & Associates, Inc.) who donated his time and worked tirelessly with our team and Cheremoya Elementary principal to help bring this amazing school back to it’s roots!

We were absolutely amazed and pleased to see folks giving up their weekends to pitch in and help the school. A special thanks as well to Northland Village Church, Gay for Good, Hollywood Orchard and local community members. Lastly thank you so much for our amazing parents, teachers, Cheremoya Foundation members and staff who worked so hard to get their school in tip-top shape! There has been a lot of behind the scenes hours to get everything going.

Thanks go out as well to local businesses who helped support this effort including, Whole Foods, The Oaks Gourmet, Viktor Bene’s Bakery and Linoleum City.

Lastly, we were able to provide wonderful lunches for everyone thanks to the generous support of Whole Foods and The Oaks Gourmet and Viktor Bene’s Bakery. It was absolutely delicious!

Enjoying the new study Benches

Foundation Update 11/6/2012

Hello Cheremoya Parents,

We have been busy here at the Cheremoya Foundation this semester!  If you’ve joined us recently, you know of the many great projects we have coming up.  Here’s a list of what we hope to accomplish by next semester… yes, NEXT SEMESTER!! That’s a big deal on the limited resources and current parent involvement we have. We need more help.  We need YOUR help!  If any of these projects sound interesting to you, and you’d like to participate and help get more programs into our school, please come talk to us.

  • New book donation for each student from the Foundation (books already ordered.)
  • Samsung Tablets for each classroom (teachers to sign off on which model/keyboard will be the best fit.)
  • Wine Tasting Fundraiser/Rally Dec. 2 @ Beachwood Cafe – Save The Date!
  • P.E. returns to Cheremoya! Cheremoya Foundation is bringing in the YMCA to get a Physical Education class back into the school. 55 minutes per class, per week, single day for every grade level.
  • SOAR returns – the SOAR program is doubling, not simply returning. SOAR part 1 is the currently running Drama program for grades 4-6. SOAR part 2 brings the Visual Arts back to the school to all grades! Cheremoya Foundation has partnered with the Hollywood Arts Council to bring the ARTS back to Cheremoya.

We encourage all parents to come check out what we are doing.  Join our mailing list to be kept up-to-date on events and upcoming meetings. Hope to see you there. Be a part of the change!

 Did you know…?

“Art, music and physical education have already suffered tremendous cut backs in scheduling and even program elimination in some cases due to the No Child Left Behind emphasis on math and reading.”  Read more in this article.

 Did you know…?

The LAUSD Elementary Arts Program is scheduled for a 100 percent cut for 2012-2013. Read more about it here and here.

Did you know that? If you did, than please spread the word and join us to help get those programs back to Cheremoya!



Space Shuttle

How cool is this? Our local Fox news was at Cheremoya Elementary taping the kids reactions today! WATCH IT HERE.

Day Off 9/17

Unassigned Day – Don’t forget the School will be closed Monday, Sept. 17th