Cheremoya Elementary School Makeover thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


Volunteers on Saturday 26th - the work begins!

Volunteers on Saturday 26th – the work begins!

On January 26th and 27th over 100 people showed up to hammer, dig, tape, sand, build, paint and clean at Cheremoya Elementary School. It was the first phase of getting our amazing school in tip-top shape and add a garden program to enrich the campus and learning experience!

Cheremoya Elementary School Growing Food and Learning

Bridie-Macdonald-4292Cheremoya Elementary School now will have an edible garden. For any of you who have had the pleasure as a child of gardening, tending to plants and eating the vegetables and fruit that come from those plants you know the value of this. A very special thanks to Tomas O’Grady and his foundation Enrich LA (their mission: an edible garden and an orchard in every school) who designed, and worked out all of the details so that students now have edible garden beds, an outdoor kitchen and picnic tables to plant, grow and prepare food.

Looking refreshed and relaxed—Hollywood’s Elementary School weekend makeover!

Bridie-Macdonald-4274A special thank you as well to our interior designer, Sean Miller (Sean Miller & Associates, Inc.) who donated his time and worked tirelessly with our team and Cheremoya Elementary principal to help bring this amazing school back to it’s roots!

We were absolutely amazed and pleased to see folks giving up their weekends to pitch in and help the school. A special thanks as well to Northland Village Church, Gay for Good, Hollywood Orchard and local community members. Lastly thank you so much for our amazing parents, teachers, Cheremoya Foundation members and staff who worked so hard to get their school in tip-top shape! There has been a lot of behind the scenes hours to get everything going.

Thanks go out as well to local businesses who helped support this effort including, Whole Foods, The Oaks Gourmet, Viktor Bene’s Bakery and Linoleum City.

Lastly, we were able to provide wonderful lunches for everyone thanks to the generous support of Whole Foods and The Oaks Gourmet and Viktor Bene’s Bakery. It was absolutely delicious!

Enjoying the new study Benches

Cheremoya Elementary School Makeover!

We are delighted to announce that Cheremoya Foundation is partnering with Tomas O’Grady and Enrich LA for a school makeover! We invite you to join us on either January 26th for the painting and construction phase or on the 27th for the finishing touches. Lunches will be provided by Whole Foods. We have a lot of exciting things in store!

  • new edible and reading garden.
  • new “Club Cheremoya”—a place to: do homework, watch a basketball game, hang out with friends, conduct an outdoor classroom
  • front entrance face lift—complete with new planters and citrus trees
  • a new entrance lounge
  • lower hallway— phase one painting makeover

When: January 26th and 27th 9am-4pm
Where: Cheremoya Elementary School
What we need: Volunteers for the day.

Please bring your own gloves, & water bottle. Coffee, breakfast treats and lunch will be provided by Whole Foods.

Click on the button below to register for Saturday the 26th

Join us for painting, light construction, digging in the dirt, clean-up, meet new people and fun!
Eventbrite - Cheremoya Elementary School Makeover

Click on the button below to register for Sunday the 27th

Join us for the finishing touches of the makeover, clean-up, meet new people and fun!
Eventbrite - Cheremoya Elementary School Makeover

If you can’t make it and want to contribute (or can make it and want to contribute) click on the donation button to the right.


ENRICHLA is an Environmental Non-profit focused on adding edible school gardens to public schools. Their school gardens are inexpensive, promote community involvement, encourage respect for our delicate planet, act as outdoor classrooms, cheer up school campuses, help students build a good work ethic, and promote thoughtful and healthy eating habits.

With gardens, the classroom is given local focus, tangible results, and involvement in inquiry-based education that can take place at each child’s own speed.

Space Shuttle

How cool is this? Our local Fox news was at Cheremoya Elementary taping the kids reactions today! WATCH IT HERE.

HUNC Elections


The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council needs your support. Please come vote for your local representatives Sunday, September 16th at Cheremoya Elementary. It will be a fun day with a bouncy house for the kids, food and drinks! Please tell your neighbors and come show City Hall that we care about our local neighborhood council by voting! HUNC has never been more important, and their access to funds helps our area every year. Read more on our newsletter.

Cheremoya 6th Grade Graduation — WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!

In anticipation of my son enrolling in kindergarten (Aug. 14), I thought it would be wise to see what the finished product looked like at the culmination of 6th grade. I could not have been more impressed, and quite frankly, choked up.

Each and every student made a speech to a packed auditorium (one that is to receive brand new AC units from LAUSD, despite current budget cuts). These kids were extremely articulate, mannered to perfection, and crying their young eyes out (friends, experiences, new chapters).
The auditorium itself spoke of tremendous ceremony including lead teacher (6th grade) Debbi Aldahl, Principal Diane Rodriguez, and other key staff members on stage, including representatives of local city government and members of the ever-growing Cheremoya Foundation.

But what stuck out the most was this:

Cheremoya was blessed to have 24 weeks of dramatic arts instruction from professional actress Pamela Schafer Moser. Not only did each student identify her program as one of their fondest memories of that year (and in all years past), but HER connection to the students was tangible. An incredible example of how such instruction makes an impression on each student’s life, whether they planned on being actors or not! Incidentally the career choices ranged from professional baseball players to CPA’S. Best news of all — this program (with the same teacher) is slated to continue 2012/2013, with concrete discussions of expansion into a visual arts component as well.

Cheremoya is fast returning to the area-wide embracement of its glorious past, and I couldn’t be prouder that my son will be apart of its family.