Cheremoya 6th Grade Graduation — WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!

In anticipation of my son enrolling in kindergarten (Aug. 14), I thought it would be wise to see what the finished product looked like at the culmination of 6th grade. I could not have been more impressed, and quite frankly, choked up.

Each and every student made a speech to a packed auditorium (one that is to receive brand new AC units from LAUSD, despite current budget cuts). These kids were extremely articulate, mannered to perfection, and crying their young eyes out (friends, experiences, new chapters).
The auditorium itself spoke of tremendous ceremony including lead teacher (6th grade) Debbi Aldahl, Principal Diane Rodriguez, and other key staff members on stage, including representatives of local city government and members of the ever-growing Cheremoya Foundation.

But what stuck out the most was this:

Cheremoya was blessed to have 24 weeks of dramatic arts instruction from professional actress Pamela Schafer Moser. Not only did each student identify her program as one of their fondest memories of that year (and in all years past), but HER connection to the students was tangible. An incredible example of how such instruction makes an impression on each student’s life, whether they planned on being actors or not! Incidentally the career choices ranged from professional baseball players to CPA’S. Best news of all — this program (with the same teacher) is slated to continue 2012/2013, with concrete discussions of expansion into a visual arts component as well.

Cheremoya is fast returning to the area-wide embracement of its glorious past, and I couldn’t be prouder that my son will be apart of its family.